Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving: Delicious Plant-Based Dishes

Thanksgiving is a special time to share with family and loved ones, but for vegans, it can be a bit of a challenge. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey, gravy, and stuffing usually contain animal products, making it difficult for vegans to fully enjoy the holiday. However, fear not! With the rise of veganism, there are now plenty of vegan recipes for Thanksgiving that are delicious, healthy, and cruelty-free. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just looking to incorporate more plant-based options into your diet, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic vegan recipes that will make your Thanksgiving feast unforgettable.

What Is Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving is a celebration of the traditional holiday without the use of animal products. This includes all animal-derived ingredients, such as meat, dairy, and eggs. Instead, vegan Thanksgiving recipes consist of plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. Vegans prioritize animal welfare and are committed to practices that support sustainability and protect the environment. The majority of people who choose a vegan Thanksgiving diet do so for ethical, health, and environmental reasons.

Ethical Reasons for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Many people opt for vegan Thanksgiving meals because they believe it is ethically responsible to do so. Vegans commonly avoid animal products because of the inhumane treatment of animals in the commercial meat industry. Farm animals typically face cruel practices and conditions, including overcrowding, poor nutrition and severely restricted movement. Consumers who choose veganism believe that these practices cause harm to animals and choose a cruelty-free lifestyle instead.

Health Benefits of a Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan diets have been credited with many health benefits, including lower risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. A plant-based diet is higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and lower in saturated fat and calories than an animal-based diet. This makes plant-based meal choices an ideal option for those who want to lose weight or who seek to balance their cholesterol levels. Vegan Thanksgiving meals typically have irresistible seasonal flavors and textures that are also healthy, which makes it easy to opt for a vegan spread without feeling like you are compromising on taste.

Environmental Reasons for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Veganism is becoming more popular as environmental awareness increases. The meat industry contributes to climate change as it produces a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are harmful to the planet and contribute to the global warming phenomenon. The environmental impact of the meat industry is frequently cited as driving factor for individuals choosing to commit to veganism. By choosing veganism, one can positively contribute to the environment and prioritize sustainability.

Top Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes to Try

Thanksgiving is usually a time for turkey, ham, and all kinds of meat dishes. However, being a vegan does not mean that you have to miss out on the Thanksgiving feast. Vegan recipes are just as delicious and filling as their meat-based counterparts and are also a healthier option. Here are some easy-to-make vegan recipes for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts that you can try this Thanksgiving.


Appetizers are an essential part of any Thanksgiving feast, and there are several vegan recipes that you can try to kick off your meal.

  • Butternut Squash Soup: Creamy butternut squash soup is a perfect way to start your Thanksgiving meal. This delicious soup is made with butternut squash, onions, garlic, vegetable broth, and dairy-free milk.
  • Cauliflower Wings: These crispy vegan cauliflower wings are a perfect appetizer for any Thanksgiving feast. To make these cauliflower wings, dip florets of cauliflower into a batter made of flour, almond milk and spices, then coat with breadcrumbs and bake until crispy.
  • Mini Pizzas: These vegan mini pizzas are a perfect finger food for Thanksgiving. Top dough rounds with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and your favorite vegetables.

Main Dishes

For the main course of your vegan Thanksgiving meal, you can try one of these hearty and delicious recipes.

  • Vegan Mushroom Wellington: A vegan wellington is a great alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. This hearty and flavorful recipe is made with mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach and puff pastry.
  • Vegan Shepherd’s Pie: This comforting and filling vegan shepherd’s pie is perfect for Thanksgiving. Just layer mashed sweet potatoes, lentils, veggies, and dairy-free cheese in a baking dish, and bake until golden and bubbly.
  • Stuffed Acorn Squash: Fall flavors abound in this stuffed acorn squash recipe. Roast acorn squash halves, then fill with a mixture of quinoa, mushrooms, onions, and cranberries.


No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a delicious dessert, and there are several vegan recipes that you can make for the occasion.

  • Pumpkin Pie: This vegan pumpkin pie recipe is a perfect ending to your Thanksgiving meal. Made with pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and spices, this creamy and delicious pie will be a crowd-pleaser.
  • Apple Crisp: This easy vegan apple crisp recipe is a perfect festive dessert for Thanksgiving. Toss apples with cinnamon and sugar, top with oats, flour, and vegan butter, then bake until golden brown.
  • Chocolate Cake: This decadent vegan chocolate cake is perfect for any chocolate lover. Made with almond milk, cocoa powder, and flour, this moist and rich cake is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving table.

How to Plan a Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when family and friends come together over a feast. But for vegans, finding suitable options for the traditional turkey and gravy can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is no need to sacrifice taste or tradition with a vegan Thanksgiving menu. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a delicious and satisfying meal that everyone can enjoy. Here are some tips on how to plan a vegan Thanksgiving menu.

Make a List and Check it Twice

The first step in planning a vegan Thanksgiving menu is making a list of dishes you want to serve. Start by brainstorming the traditional Thanksgiving dishes and then think about how you can veganize them. Consider substituting meat with plant-based alternatives, such as seitan, tofu, or tempeh, which are rich in protein and can mimic the texture of meat. It’s essential to keep in mind that many side dishes, gravy, and desserts can easily be veganized with simple ingredient swaps.

Once you have your list of menu items, determine how much of each dish you need to serve your guests. Make a shopping list and stick to it to avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store. Keep in mind that some vegan ingredients can be expensive, so look for deals and bulk options to save money.

Start with the Appetizers

Your vegan Thanksgiving menu should begin with appetizers to whet your guests’ appetite. Some options might include hummus and veggies, vegan cheese and crackers, or spinach and artichoke dip. These bite-sized nibbles are perfect for keeping guests entertained while you finish up the main course.

When choosing appetizers, consider the flavors and textures of the rest of your menu. For instance, if your main course is rich and heavy, choose light and refreshing appetizers.

Main Course and Sides

The centerpiece of your vegan Thanksgiving menu should be a plant-based protein source. Many delicious vegan main dishes can replace traditional turkey, such as stuffed portobello mushrooms, lentil loaf, or seitan roast. Consider complementing your main course with savory sides that incorporate the flavors of the fall season. Roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy are delicious vegan options that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Don’t forget about the bread rolls or stuffing, which are a must-have for any Thanksgiving table. Use vegan butter or olive oil to make the stuffing moist and flavorful. Consider stuffing your rolls with herbs, nuts, or veggies for extra crunch. Cranberry sauce is a classic side dish that pairs perfectly with any vegan main course or side dish.

Experiment with different flavors and textures to create a balanced and delicious vegan Thanksgiving menu that satisfies everyone’s preferences. Remember, Thanksgiving is about sharing, so don’t hesitate to ask your guests for input or dishes they would like to contribute to the feast.

Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey Alternatives

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that traditionally features a turkey as the centerpiece of the dinner table. However, with the rise of the vegan movement, more and more people are opting for plant-based alternatives to the traditional turkey. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to reduce your meat intake, there are several creative vegan alternatives to the traditional turkey.

Plant-Based Roasts

A plant-based roast is one of the most popular alternatives to the traditional turkey. There are several options available, including Tofurky, Gardein, and Field Roast. These plant-based roasts are made from seitan (wheat protein), tofu, and other plant-based proteins. They are often seasoned with savory flavors, such as rosemary and garlic, and come with a variety of side dishes.

  • Tofurky – Tofurky is a vegan turkey alternative made from tofu and wheat protein. It is best served with a variety of side dishes, such as vegan stuffing, roasted vegetables, and cranberry sauce.
  • Gardein Holiday Roast – The Gardein Holiday Roast is a vegan roast that is made from a blend of soy, wheat, and pea proteins. It features a cranberry and wild rice stuffing and comes with vegan gravy.
  • Field Roast Celebration Roast – The Field Roast Celebration Roast is a vegan roast made from grains, vegetables, and spices. It is stuffed with butternut squash and mushrooms and comes with vegan gravy.

Stuffed Squash

Stuffed squash is a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional turkey. Squash, such as acorn or butternut, can be filled with a variety of savory ingredients, such as quinoa, lentils, and vegetables. This dish is perfect for those who want a hearty and satisfying meal.

  • Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash – This dish features organic quinoa, roasted acorn squash, and a variety of vegetables, such as kale and onions. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional stuffing.
  • Lentil-Stuffed Butternut Squash – This dish features lentils, roasted butternut squash, and a variety of herbs and spices, such as rosemary and thyme. It is a hearty and satisfying meal that is perfect for a vegan Thanksgiving.

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional turkey. They can be seasoned with a variety of spices, such as garlic and rosemary, and served with a variety of side dishes, such as vegan mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts – Roasted Brussels sprouts are a delicious and healthy side dish that is perfect for a vegan Thanksgiving. They can be seasoned with a variety of spices, such as garlic and lemon, and served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as vegan aioli.
  • Roasted Carrots – Roasted carrots are a simple and delicious side dish that is perfect for a vegan Thanksgiving. They can be seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, such as thyme and paprika, and served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as vegan ranch.


There are several creative vegan alternatives to the traditional turkey that are perfect for a vegan Thanksgiving. Plant-based roasts, stuffed squash, and roasted vegetables are all delicious and healthy options that are sure to impress your guests. So why not try something new this Thanksgiving and opt for a delicious vegan alternative to the traditional turkey?

Unique Sides and Desserts for Vegan Thanksgiving

While the turkey may be the centerpiece of a traditional Thanksgiving feast, side dishes and desserts are what really make the meal memorable. For a vegan Thanksgiving, adding unique and delicious vegan sides and desserts will not only impress your guests but also prove that plant-based eating can be just as rewarding as meat-based diets. Here are five creative vegan sides and desserts for your Thanksgiving spread:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate Seeds

Roasted Brussels sprouts are a classic side dish, but this recipe adds a pop of color and flavor with pomegranate seeds. Simply toss Brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast in the oven until crispy. Top with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds before serving for a festive and flavorful dish that everyone will love.

Maple-Roasted Carrots with Thyme and Hazelnuts

Sweet and savory flavors come together in this maple-roasted carrot dish. Toss carrots with maple syrup, olive oil, thyme, and salt, and roast in the oven until caramelized. Top with chopped hazelnuts for crunch and a nutty flavor that complements the sweetness of the maple-roasted carrots.

Wild Rice Stuffing with Butternut Squash and Cranberries

Stuffing is a Thanksgiving classic, but this vegan version takes it to the next level with the addition of butternut squash and cranberries. Cook wild rice and sauté onions, garlic, and celery. Mix in cubed butternut squash, dried cranberries, and chopped pecans before baking in the oven until crisp on top. This vegan stuffing is a sweet and savory treat that will stand out on any Thanksgiving table.

Caramel-Stuffed Vegan Apple Crisp

This caramel-stuffed vegan apple crisp is a cozy and comforting dessert that is perfect for Thanksgiving. Mix sliced apples with cinnamon, sugar, and lemon juice, and top with a crumbly mixture of oats, flour, sugar, and vegan butter. The secret ingredient is dates blended into a rich caramel sauce that is stuffed into the apples before baking. Serve with vegan whipped cream or ice cream for a warm and indulgent treat.

Chocolate-Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

For a twist on traditional pumpkin pie, try these chocolate-pumpkin swirl brownies. Mix together a batter of flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and vegan butter, and swirl a mixture of pumpkin puree, sugar, and spices on top before baking. These brownies are gooey, chocolatey, and perfect for any chocolate lover.

Vegan Thanksgiving FAQs

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often associated with a lot of meat-based dishes, but that doesn’t mean that vegans have to miss out on all the fun. With the right recipes and some careful planning, it’s possible to host a Thanksgiving feast that is both delicious and plant-based. In this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about vegan Thanksgiving, from how to handle non-vegan guests to where to find specialty ingredients.

How do I handle non-vegan guests?

If you’re hosting a mixed group of vegans and non-vegans for Thanksgiving, it’s important to make sure that everyone feels included and comfortable. One option is to offer a few vegan side dishes alongside traditional meat-based dishes, so that everyone can have something to eat. Another option is to make the entire meal vegan and encourage guests to try something new. Be sure to clearly label all dishes as either vegan or non-vegan, so that there’s no confusion.

What are some good vegan dishes to serve at Thanksgiving?

There are so many delicious vegan dishes that are perfect for Thanksgiving! Some popular options include roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing made with vegan bread and vegetable broth, vegan gravy, lentil loaf, and of course, pumpkin pie made with coconut milk instead of cream. Be sure to search for vegan versions of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and get creative in the kitchen!

  • Roasted vegetables: Try roasting a mix of root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and parsnips, with some garlic and herbs.
  • Mashed potatoes: Use vegan butter and plant-based milk to make the creamiest mashed potatoes ever.
  • Stuffing: Use a vegan bread and replace the chicken broth with vegetable broth to make a flavorful stuffing that everyone will love.
  • Vegan gravy: Make a rich gravy using vegetable broth, flour, and vegan butter.
  • Lentil loaf: A hearty and satisfying main course that’s perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.
  • Pumpkin Pie: Use coconut milk instead of cream, and make a vegan crust with coconut oil and flour.

Where can I buy specialty vegan ingredients?

If you’re looking for specialty vegan ingredients like vegan butter or plant-based meat substitutes, most major grocery stores will carry a good selection. If you’re having trouble finding a specific ingredient, try looking for a health food store or specialty market that caters to vegans. You can also check online retailers like Amazon, which often carry a wide selection of vegan products.

Can I make vegan food ahead of time?

Absolutely! Many vegan dishes actually taste better when made ahead of time, as it allows the flavors to meld together. Just be sure to store everything properly in the fridge or freezer, and reheat as necessary.

How do I make sure my vegan dishes are flavorful?

The key to making delicious vegan dishes is to focus on bold flavors and spices. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different herbs and spices, and always taste as you go to make sure everything is properly seasoned. Adding some acid like lemon juice or vinegar can also help to brighten up the flavors of your dishes.

What should I do with leftovers?

Leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving! Most vegan dishes will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days, so be sure to store everything properly and label everything with the date it was made. Leftovers can be reheated in the oven or microwave, or used to make new dishes like sandwiches or casseroles.

Thank You for Joining Our Vegan Thanksgiving Celebration

We hope this article has helped inspire you to create a delicious plant-based Thanksgiving meal. Just because you choose to eat vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on traditional holiday dishes. From sweet potato casserole to pumpkin pie, there are endless vegan possibilities to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. We appreciate you taking the time to read our article and hope you will come back to visit us for more vegan food inspiration in the future. Happy cooking and happy Thanksgiving!

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